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Brant Jester

Classical and Jazz Piano Instruction

Picture of Brant Jester

Brant Jester graduated from Ozark High School in 2016 and currently studies jazz piano performance at Missouri State University. He is the pianist with Missouri Jazz Orchestra, his jazz trio, and remains busy as an accompanist and jazz pianist across the greater Springfield area. He is also a member of the Springfield Chamber Chorus. Brant also is a composer and arranger and enjoys writing for jazz ensemble and choral music. He enjoys playing both classical and jazz music.


I teach both classical and jazz piano. I love working with students and watching their growth over time. I am an easy-going and approachable instructor that is willing to work with any student and adapt to their learning style. I also enjoy working with students on district or state solos and ensembles, all-district or all-state auditions, or contest music as well. My goal is to push my students and help them grow as musicians

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